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Writing blog posts with these cool tips

When writing blog posts, the big question is what to write but you should also ask how to better write blog posts so that words on the screen are easy to consume.

Users don’t want to read lengthy content on the web, they want their content drive thru, fast food style. Grab and go. So here are some tips that will make what your write stand out.

Write about 50-80 characters per line. That makes reading on the go easier. Just think about those parents waiting in the car for soccer practice to end. They want to skim the content more than read it because they have a lot going on.

Easy to read blog posts

Set your font size between 9 and 14. With today’s tablets and phones, that font size will make what you write easily accessible.

Next, keep things relevant. If you name a topic, keep the body of the text focused on that topic. Go off on a tangent and you’ll lose your audience.

Write a lot, yes, just do it! Not everything has to be a masterpiece but your audience loves what you do so write, write, write.

Writing blog posts takes time

Edit what you post, before you post it…. This might seem to be obvious but bloggers are busy and it’s easy to hit publish without proofing. However, that’s a recipe for ridicule. Those online commentators are ruthless! Save your posts as drafts, take a break, come back and proof, refine what you wrote, then post. That’s a recipe for success.




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