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All In One SEO

I’ve recently delved deeper into the All In One SEO plugin for WordPress. Originally I had thought that only the title, description, keywords, and several other options were important. The rest I left for sites much larger and involved than what I create. However, lately I’ve been

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Goodbye TV

I love and this blog post in particular. No longer is the television the center of the home. Mobile screens are taking over and today’s youth will make this change be even more profound in the coming years.

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Editing your pics on your iPhone

Here’s a good site that shows how to edit/crop your pictures if you’re using an iPhone, iPad, or iPod.,-iPod,-and-iPad

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Hiding a category from your sidebar in WordPress

This is a great resource for hiding a certain category from your sidebar widget. Works well to remove your categories that don’t have anything to do with your blog posts.

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The $9 Computer: What do you get? | ZDNet

$9 for a computer? Let’s hope this little guy can come to the market soon – it looks amazing! Source: The $9 Computer: What do you get? | ZDNet

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95 SEO Tips and Tricks for Search Engine Optimization

Awesome tips for reaching your audience. Ninety-five things you should and should not be doing on your Web pages to make them rank higher in search engines. This list looks at more than just meta tags and the basics of SEO, so even if you’ve got some

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