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iPhone Photography Tips

Taking pictures with your iPhone can be a lot of fun. Those moments with kids or on vacation can become showstopping framed art in your home. However, you have to have an eye for things and here are a few iphone photography tips on how to succeed as an iPhone photographer.

Selecting the best:
  1. Emotional photos – follow your emotional responses. Some photos are just better than others because of how they make you feel so focus on the photos that speak to you.
  2. Artistic photos – only keep the shots you feel you can do something about right now.
  3. If you keep too many “so so” photos you’ll feel less likely to go back and edit them.
  4. Errors are powerful learning tools
  5. Truth comes out of error more readily than out of confusion.
  6. Editing takes a lot of time.
  7. Always remember the two mind sets – Emotional and Artistic
  8. Do not try to use star ratings – either keep or delete at first, use a star rating later as you become a better photographer
  9. Keep all of your photos until you have determined your keepers and delete them all at one time.
  10. Side by side rating your photos make decisions easier of the same scene.
  11. Editing and selecting is much easier on larger screens.
  12. Make your selections 2 or 3 days after shooting.
  13. The advantage of the mobile device is you have time to select your keepers, wherever you are.
  14. Do not edit the keepers when selecting.
  15. Selecting is fun! It brings back memories of the shoot.
  16. Keeping “so so” photos takes away the pleasure when going back to review them.
  17. Use a selection marking tool such as flags or albums to organize keepers.
  18. and the best rule of all – Keep only the ones that really speak to you, DELETE A LOT!
Photo Storage = Peace of Mind

The importance here is to organize from the beginning. Not organizing photos may distract your shooting. When you have a plan for storing, editing, and sharing, you will have a more relaxed time shooting. It may be overwhelming at first but you’ll be glad you have a plan that will make your job as photographer easier.

The benefits of early planning include:

  1. Quickly retrieve the shots you want, whenever you want, on the device you want
  2. Reservoir of promising photos for editing

So where do you keep all those photos? There are a lot of options available but these are the most popular.

Photo Storage Ideas
    • iPhone
    • iPad
    • Computer and/or external hard drive
    • Cloud Service – iCloud/Dropbox/Amazon Cloud/OneDrive
    • Sharing
    • Social Networks
    • CDs
Sharing and Retrieving Your Photos

Use an APP for sending multiple photos. Here are a few good options you can find in the iTunes store:

      • Bluetooth Photo Share
      • Pic Share
      • Insta Booth
      • Quick Share
      • Kicksend
      • Instagram direct to Facebook and email

Remember – Storing and sharing are important steps to consider for those who do a lot of shooting. It’s a step you will want to incorporate into your routine.


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