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Cover Art for Your Social Networks

There are all kinds of social networks out there and each ask for cover photos so you can create some personality for your profile. And guess what, the sizes of that cover art are usually different. So here’s a list of the main social networks and the size you need to make your header/cover art images.

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Facebook cover photo – 851px x 315px
Youtube channel cover photo – 2560px x 1440px
Twitter header – 1500px x 500px
LinkedIn company page banner image – 646px x 220px
Google+ cover image – 1240px x 700px

Also, make sure when you’re creating your cover art not to put any important text somewhere that would be overlapped by buttons, smaller profile pics, etc. For example, here’s my Google+ page. I need to adjust my logo in the bottom left to make wording not fall under the text.

ase web design

If you want to go all out, make an image – thoughtfully laid out – that’s 2560px x 1440px. That should be able to crop appropriately to all of these main social networks. In this way, your brand will look the same from network to network.

Remember, always be thinking about layout so your image on the web is sharp and professional.


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