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All In One SEO

ASE Web Design - Thousand Oaks, CAI’ve recently delved deeper into the All In One SEO plugin for WordPress. Originally I had thought that only the title, description, keywords, and several other options were important. The rest I left for sites much larger and involved than what I create.

However, lately I’ve been learning more about the options in the plugin so here are some of my observations.



  • General: I leave them as is.
  • Home Page: Fill out title, description, and keywords – static front page was disabled for most sites since they use latest posts
  • Keywords: Check the Dynamic Keywords option — keywords have become less important to search engines so don’t put too much thought into this. So long as you have good content, this option will create keywords for you
  • Title Settings: Leave as default – these are important to so don’t unclick
  • Custom Post Type: Leave as default
  • Display: Leave as default
  • Webmaster Verification: Insert verification codes
  • Google Plus: Enter profile, etc – pretty self explanatory – definitely click the Sitelinks Search box, enter Google+ profile number, and analytics ID. This seems to be very important to Google search results so don’t miss out on this one.
  • Noindex: Unclick categories and made sure the archive options were clicked but left the rest as is.
  • Advanced: Left as default. Regarding Autogenerate Descriptions – I left this checked and then can overwrite the description on the page itself. At least with autogenerate, I’ll get a description if I happen to forget to create a custom one.

I also create ad campaigns via Google, Bing, and Facebook for several weeks to generate traffic.

Lastly, aside from the All in One SEO plugin, it’s important for site owners and site designers make sure to always review the quality of the content, calls to action, page title tags, meta descriptions, url structure, the number of inbound links, and if there is a blog or recent content updates.



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